What is foot reflexology
According to reflexology points on the feet reflect your whole body. These so called 'Reflexes' are corresponding with organs, glands and muscles in the body through nerves and meridians. An action is produced by manipulation of the feet.

Reflexology treatment
During a treatment the feet get a massage. This massage feels very relaxing. It is not tickling and is not painfull. The treatment will take about 50 minutes.


  • the body is stimulated in her selfhealing capacity
  • it is relaxing and will increase your vitality
  • the body will shed the poisons/trash from your system
  • your sleep will be more calm (sometimes temporarily restless)
  • initialy your complaints may increase, but this is temporarily (max 3 days)

Is Reflexology right for you
Yes, in principle reflexology can be helpfull for everybody. Even baby's, small children and elderly people.

  • reliefs pain and stimulates healing
  • reduces stress and prevent problems

It is better not to treat in case of:

  • acute and/or serious complaints
  • during the first 3 months of pregnancy

Please call me or consult your (family)doctor if you are in doubt.

Duration of a series of treatments (in case of complaints)
You can just try 1 treatment to see what it will do for you and your health.
A series contains 3 to 6 treatments. Due to your personal situation this may vary. The period between 2 treatments is approx 1 or 2 weeks.
In general most physical reactions will occur between the 1st and the 4th treatment. Depending on your complaints this may vary.
It is advisable to return for a tune-up regularly (approx 6 weeks) after the series.

Costs of a treatment
For the costs have a look at: costs
There are many health insurance companies who will refund the costs of the treatments.

Gifts-certificates: up to 28,- Euro for a relaxing (foot)massage ( 30 minutes).